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Helpful Hints

Dry cleaning tips

1. Never try to remove the stain yourself.  You may either set the stain or remove the dye from the fabric.  Blot but don't rub if a liquid is spilled on the garment.  Flushing with water or club soda is generally OK.

2. When a garment needs cleaning take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible.  This will prevent the stain from setting or oxidizing.  Avoid exposing the garment to heat or light until you bring it in.

3. Point out all food and beverage spills.  Also point out any area you may have tried to clean.  If there is minor damage the cleaner may be able to correct it.

4. Please tell the person at the counter what type of stains or spots there are.  Knowing the origin of the stain or spot helps the technician to safely remove it.  Blood, food, wine, and ink need different types of attention.

5. Perspiration contains salts that can damage fabrics.  Have perspiration stains removed as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage and weakening of the fabric.  Silk is particularly vulnerable.

6. Some silk dyes bleed or change color when exposed to alcohol.  Allow perfume, deodorant, and hair spray to dry before dressing.

7. Be careful what you buy.  Some imported garments use dyes which bleed a lot.  Try to avoid contrasting colors if the garment specifies dry clean only.

8. Leather and leather trim require special care. (more expensive!) It is something to be aware of when purchasing garments.

9. Keep track of your ticket!  Many garments wind up being donated to charity after 6 months because their owner couldn't be contacted.  The ticket will help you remember to pick up your belongings.

10. Hair spray to remove spots?!  Depending on the brand, you can create a nice, big bullseye with the spot in the middle and rings around it.  This damage is frequently permanent.

Laundry tips

Front loading machines clean better and use less water per load than top loading machines.

You can use about half the detergent when using a front loading machine.

If you are washing a greasy load, use a machine with a stainless steel tub and the grease won't stick like it will with an enamel tub.

Filling a dryer full makes it take longer to dry.  Spreading the load out shortens drying time at about the same cost.  Manufacturers recommend loading between 1/3 to 1/2 the drum capacity.

Feel around the top of the washer tub also.  Many times, small garments will stick to the top for a while after the spin cycle.

Go-Jo will remove some rust stains.  Test on a hidden area first though.

Top loading machines must pump the water up and out.  Frayed items tend to shed strings which block the pump or drain hose.  Commercial front loading machines have large diameter gravity drains that are difficult to clog.

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