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Services that we provide

Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Alterations, Pickup and Delivery, Wedding Dress Preservation

Solvents and processes

Holiday Cleaners uses GreenEarth for most garment and household cleaning.  GreenEarth is a silicone based solvent that breaks down into sand, CO2, and water.  It provides safe, gentle cleaning.

We also wet clean when it is appropriate.  Good old fashioned hand washing is a basic form of wet cleaning.  Specialized detergents and processes are used to protect sensitive fabrics and trim.

Our laundered shirts are machine pressed and then hand finished.  Buttons are replaced at no cost to you.

Attention cowboys and welders!

You need starch.  You know it, we know it.  When you ask for HEAVY STARCH you get "stand in the corner" pants.  Welding shirts are stiff and the tails are flat.  Just like you asked.
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