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  • 47 washers and 43 dryers
  • Washers from 20 lb to 75 lb capacity
  • Fully attended during all hours of operation
  • Internet terminal and WIFI
  • Video security

Laundry Card System

Our machines are started using the Card Concepts laundry card system. The card is similar to a credit card and one swipe starts the machine.  The cards are rechargeable or if you prefer, the unused balance will be refunded when you turn in the card.  There are bonus programs that make recharging the card a good value for our regular customers.  It is a simple system and the attendant can help you get started using it.

The Sock Wall

What happens to those socks?  Do they mate and create a new one, or does one go away?!  The answer is... I don't know, but there are a bunch over on the sock wall!

Special needs, tour buses, laundry emergencies, JUCO

Sometimes you need something more.  At those times we are willing to try to help you with your laundry needs.  We can bring in extra staff, extend the hours, or do your laundry by the pound.

Tour buses
Our laundromat is large enough to handle everyone on the bus at once!  However, that many people arriving at once can overwhelm one attendant.  Please call ahead and we will have at least two people there to assist everyone.  There are an assortment of places to eat near by and our parking lot has plenty of room for a bus to maneuver.

Emergency facilities for commercial users
If your in house equipment breaks down we have enough capacity so that you don't fall behind.  We can provide reports for your accounting department's tracking requirements. 

Special needs
On occasion, we will provide overnight use of the facility.  Anyone who has difficulty loading the machines can ask the attendant to help.  We will try to accomodate any special needs.  It may not always be possible but we will give it our best shot!
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